Roughing it

By Colin McFadden
This post is part of a series called Costa Rice 2014
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We awoke to a delightful morning and sat on the deck, drinking coffee and watching cows. Our breakfast was amazing – a giant fruit plate, blackberry watermelon juice, strawberry yogurt drink, huevos rancheros, and an amazing pineapple coconut pancake drizzled in passion fruit sauce.

After a short downpour, Natalia’s mom picked us up, offered to do our laundry, and drove us to the trailhead of San Gerardo. San Gerardo is a biological station in the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest, one of the largest forest preserves in the area. After a wet and muddy hike down, we were greeted by a delicious lunch and a relaxing lounge in the hammocks. Drinking coffee and watching the wildlife 🙂

While hanging out on the porch we saw a few green toucanets and an entire troupe of female coatis with their kits. Our guide Rafa pointed out many new birds for us as we waited for the wind to clear away the clouds and give us a beautiful view of arenal.

When we went downstairs for dinner, the sky lit up with a brilliant sunset and double rainbow over Arenal. Then we were treated to spectacular lightning shows while we ate.

After a delicious dinner dinner, we headed out for the night hike. Lots of frogs, stick bugs and crickets – even a land crab. Turned out on the road and saw a giant moth. Kinkajou and possums. The forest is alive at night!

Tired and happy, we went to bed.

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