Malaysia 2015

By Colin McFadden
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Tomorrow morning, we’ll be heading to Malaysia on our honeymoon. This will be our first time in Southeast Asia together, and we’re pretty excited to eat, explore, and drip with scooter exhaust scented sweat.

This is the traditional “where we’re going and what we’re doing post,” in case someone needs to get ahold of us. We’ll both likely have local Malaysian phone numbers for this trip, so our US numbers might not work. If you’re an iPhone user, texting our respective gmail addresses (cmcfadden and kcantner) should still work via iMessage. Otherwise, email will be the best way to reach us. Once we know our Malaysian numbers, we’ll post them here in case you need to make (very expensive) urgent contact.

Anyways, flights. All times are local to the departure airport.

Friday, August 21st, 6:55am. AA1395 from MSP->DFW
Friday, August 21st, 12:45pm, AA 137 DFW->HKG (hong kong)

Saturday, August 22nd, 8:30pm. MH 433 (Malaysia Airlines), HKG->KUL

Monday, August 24th, 10:55am, MH1388 KUL->KBR
Friday, August 28th, 3:25pm, FY (FireFly) 1001, KBR->PEN

Friday, September 4th, 8:00am KA (DragonAir) 692, PEN->HKG
Friday, September 4th, 1:30pm, AA 138, HKG->DFW
Friday, September 4th, 6:25pm, AA 1206, DFW->MSP

We’ll surely end up blogging from the plane tomorrow…

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  • Debra Marsh August 20, 2015 at 9:12 pm Reply

    What I liked best about Hong Kong was boat rides (ferries I think) on the harbor–maybe a harbor tour too. It doesn’t look like you’ll have much time there though. I loved Hong Kong but that was before it went over to the Chinese so it may be quite different now. Have a fantastic trip and we’ll look forward to your posts!!

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