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Today was mostly consumed with getting from the Perhentians to Penang. We got up early to catch the ferry, the took a bus to the Kota Bharu airport. That put us at the airport too early for our flight, so we paid ($3/each!) to get into a very cute little lounge with wifi and snacks and comfy chairs.

Our flight ended up getting delayed by an hour or so, but was otherwise uneventful – a short turboprop hop across the peninsula.

Our AirBnB is a funky place – we thought it was above a jewelry shop, but it’s more … part of a jewelry shop. It’s very comfortable (and huge) and will suit us well.

We went out for a quick wander in our neighborhood and stumbled upon the Nasi Kandar stall (“line clear”) from No Reservations. It was delicious and we ate far too much, which is ok.

We’re both pretty exhausted, and just trying to stay awake long enough to turn over the laundry in the clothes dryer. Only 10 more minutes to go…

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