Lasers, Aerial Dancer and 80s Rock Cover Bands

By Colin McFadden
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You know, the Renaissance.

Wednesday night was White Night (Notte Bianca), a city-wide, all night party (conveniently taking place the night before Labor Day, so there’s no need to worry about getting up the next morning).

White night ostensibly gets started around 7:30, but aside from exploring the straw-maze at Santa Croce, things seemed pretty quiet. We detoured to Trattoria Acquacotta for some delicious food (pancetta wrapped scallops, mmm). Kat made the questionable decision to try Arancino. Think limoncello, but made with orange flavoring and death. To her credit (?) she finished the whole glass, grimacing with each sip.

So, white night then! It was pretty crazy – the whole town was out, there was stuff going on everywhere – in the museums, in the squares, in private galleries. We packed it in around 1am, but the party went all night.

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