Once more unto the breach

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Shakespeare was talking about gelato right?

I don’t think there’s a way to say “heading back to Florence, again” without a fairly high degree of implicit pretentiousness. But hey, it’s me, so there’s always a fairly high degree of implicit pretentiousness, right?

Regardless, we depart for Italy later today. Yes, we – I’m not traveling solo this time, but instead am joined by the rather delightful Kat. I’m very excited to get to experience my favorite city with my favorite person.

There’ll be more to come once we’re in Italy. For now, here’s the travel schedule. Presuming the plane doesn’t end up on a secret government island full of zombies of course.

For those needing to reach me, email is best (as per always), but my normal US phone number should ring through and receive texts just fine.

Delta Air Lines Flight 171 MSP – CDG Departs Minneapolis, Friday, April 25 5:10 PM Arrives Paris, Saturday, April 26 Scheduled 8:35 AM

Air France Flight 8607 CDG – FLR Departs Paris, Saturday, April 26 1:20 PM Arrives Florence, Saturday, April 26 3:10 PM

Monday, May 5 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 1642 Departs 12:35 pm Florence Arrives 2:50 pm Amsterdam

Monday, May 5 Delta 9374 Operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Departs 5:00 pm Amsterdam Arrives 8:20 pm Atlanta, Georgia

Monday, May 5 Delta 300 Departs 10:00 pm Atlanta, Georgia Arrives 11:35 pm Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

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