Early Morning Plans: 0, Comfy Bed: 1

By Colin McFadden
This post is part of a series called Southeast Asia 2017
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Today was another travel day. We woke up in Kuala Lumpur and ended the day in Tokyo.

We had intended to rise early and explore the city but ended up getting a late start on account of our fancy bed and gorgeous view. We caught an Uber to a breakfast spot in one of the oldest apartment buildings in KL. We were not sure we were at the correct spot, but after a walk around the block we figured it out. Colin ordered us the special – eggs over roti canai with some chili sauce. We washed it down with some hot tea tarik, then headed out over a footbridge covered in pigeons to explore the neighborhood en route to our next meal.

Determined to try new things, we set off for ICC Pudu , a newly built indoor market that offered some food we hadn’t had before. The complex is still under construction and everything is well lit and clean. We headed to the back of the space to find chee cheong fun, which is a mix of many delicious things served over big rice noodles with mystery sauces.

Bursting from breakfast and brunch, we called an Uber to take us back to the airport. The highlight of the next flight was getting to try a 787 for the first time. We dutifully dimmed and undimmed the magic windows and ooo’d and aaa’d at the quiet and comfort. As an added bonus, we got to Tokyo about half an hour early. We slimmed down our bags and left most of our luggage at the airport. Our Uber driver took us on the scenic route over the rainbow bridge so Kat could get a nice view of the Tokyo tower at night.

After checking in, we went upstairs to our room to begin the fun adventure of “what does this button do?”. Japanese technology is delightful and we both enjoyed figuring out the ins and outs of our tiny room. The hotel provides one size fits all PJs as well as all toiletries for the travel-light business-types. There is a box in the lobby full of little lotions, hairbands, brushes, loofas, hair clips and fancy shampoos. Women are invited to pick 5 items for themselves (sorry guys, no goodies for you). Since one does not wear shoes into the sleeping part of the room, slippers are provided as well. In the elevator it is noted that slippers and PJs are not appropriate attire for the breakfast room.

Exploration complete, we headed out to the local corner store to pick up some snacks before bed. Now it’s time to sleep so we can get up early (for real this time!) and check out Tokyo.

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